This is how it works. The search engines involved with this package all share the same database. We bid on keywords within that database on a "per click" basis. Meaning when we are the current high bid, we control the keyword and are charged the bid amount every time the keyword is clicked. The amount of our bid determines which place we receive in the search engines.

Note: Our policy is to acquire the highest place possible while providing the greatest amount of web traffic. Bidding too high on an individual keyword, depletes the funds rapidly reducing the amount of web traffic.

Another way to look at it...
Imagine the keyword is stock & we are your broker. The bid on the keyword changes throughout the day.  Your broker ( manages the bids and when the price is right, acquires your stock (Keyword). Depending on your monthly budget, we may bid higher on the lowest priced keywords and lower on the more expensive ones to ensure the highest possible traffic for your website.

Which Search Engines will I be found on?

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