Customer Success Stories

With any type of advertising, individual results may vary depending on business type and geographical limitations. However, we have found that search engine placement can provide one of the greatest ROI when compared to traditional advertising. Read the following customer statements to learn how search engine placement has helped them achieve marketing success. Company names and contacts were removed for the privacy of our clients.

Category: Retail Sporting Goods
"We started receiving orders the same day our keywords went online! We currently advertise in 4 different industry related magazines, and I have never seen such a fast response to our advertising."

-Cindy O.

Category: Retail Automotive
"Thank you for suggesting this program to me. My business invested a lot of money into our online store and we were having a hard time moving traffic to the site. I had tried to submit my web site to the search engines and never seemed to get anywhere. We noticed a significant increase in traffic immediately after signing up with you're program."

-Vince F.

Category: Residential Services
"I used spend thousands of dollars per month advertising in the phonebook because that's just what we've always done. The first month I signed up with your service I started getting emails and phone calls generated by my website. My website is now generating more leads than the phonebook at half the cost."

-Roger A.

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