Here is a list of frequently asked questions we hear from our search engine placement customers. Simply click on the question you wish to ask to see the answer. If you need further assistance. Contact us at our customer support center at (281) 710-7396.


  1. How many new leads can I expect to see every month?
  2. Which search engines will I be found on?
  3. What are the fees involved in signing up with your services?
  4. What is the difference between my monthly "Account Fee" vs. my
    "Pay Per Click" fee?

  5. What should I spend in "Pay per Clicks" per month?
  6. What if I want more than 50 keywords?
  7. How do I sign up for services?
  8. What if a competitor sits and click on my add all day? Won't I be charged for each click?
  9. What if a competitor raises my bid amount too high? How do I still get on the search engines?
  10. What is my return on investment compared to other advertising mediums?
  11. Can I get my statistics earlier than every month?
  12. How do I get one month of free service?
  13. How do I choose the keywords I want?
  14. Can I ever change my keywords?
  15. What determines the price of a keyword?



1. The amount of leads your company receives is going to vary depending on how specific your keywords are and the popularity of the keywords you are using. What is very clear is that your cost per lead or impression is going to be significantly lower than with traditional advertising.
Click here to see a case study taken from actual customer data.

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2. We have two levels of service; Our Premium Exposure package lists your site in the top returns of Yahoo, AltaVista, MSN, Lycos & Infospace.
Our Premium PLUS! Package lists you with those 5 search engines plus, Google, AOL, AskJeeves and EarthLink.
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3. The fees involved with placing your site in the search engines are $99/mo. for our Premium Exposure Package and $149/mo. for the Premium PLUS! Package. In addition you will specify a monthly pay per click limit. This is the money we are to use for your click throughs.
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4. Your monthly Account Fee is the fee we charge for managing your keyword account and providing you with detailed monthly statistics. This fee should not be confused with the "Pay per Click" fee which is the monthly budget you set to use to pay for your website traffic.
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5. A good place to start your monthly pay per click budget is $50-$100 per month. Keyword phrases typically trade at about .20 per click. This will give you approximately 500 visitors through your website. If going with our Premium PLUS! package, We suggest a monthly budget of $100-$300 since you will be spread out over a large number of search engines.
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6.  Both our Premium and Premium PLUS! Packages come with up to 50 keywords. If you wish to add keywords to your campaign, contact your sales person. A one time setup fee applies.
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7. Signing up for either of our exposure packages is easy and fast! Simply fill out our online form making sure to fill out each textbox. Your account will be activated immediately and keywords will be added to the search engines in as little as 3 days. You can also call a sales representative at (281) 710-7396 for instant account activation.
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8. Our system uses a series of security measures insuring that an individual computer can only charge an account 1 time. Due to the highly protected systems in place we can not go into the specifics of how this system works.
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9. Being the #1 return on a specific keyword is desirable but not necessary for success. If a competitor has raised the price of a keyword to a point that we determine too high, we will look for alternative keywords or simply choose a lower rank for that specific word. Our ultimate goal is to drive the most targeted traffic through your website, while staying within your monthly budget. Your monthly statistical analysis will show in detail, your rank and average CPC (cost per click).
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10. Search Engines can provide the highest return on investment of any advertising medium. The key behind the success of search engine advertising is that you are only paying when an interested customer is actively searching for you!
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11. Our programs include detailed monthly statistics at the beginning of your sign up date. We will provide additional statistics upon customer request for a one time fee. Contact your sales representative for additional information or to request a report.
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12. customers can earn a free month of service (not including Pay per Click charges) by referring a friend to service. Simply tell a friend to sign up via our online order form and type in your name where it asks for referral method. Sign up one friend, earn 1 month free service. Sign up ten friends earn 10 months free and so on. A great way to save money and help a friend at the same time! Click here for more program details.
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13. Keywords can be chosen in one of two ways. The first method is to tell us which keywords are important to your business. The second way is to ask a sales representative which keywords are the most popular in your business category. Our sales representatives have access to software which can predict your monthly traffic and average cost. If this sounds interesting, call for a Free keyword analysis. (281) 710-7396
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14. We want your online marketing to become a successful part of your marketing initiatives. If you need to make changes to your keywords or want to change your keyword titles or descriptions simply call your sales representative or fill out our online form and we will make the changes for you.
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15. Keyword prices are determined by what the market will bear. In other words whatever you or your competition is willing to pay.
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